Reverse Mergers / Listings

Reverse Mergers
OCG’s Founder John Lowy has successfully completed more than 150 reverse mergers, in his capacity as an attorney, a consultant, a finder or a principal. The private companies that have gone public this way have been located in many countries: China, Philippines, Korea, Canada, Brazil, UK, Turkey, Australia, and the US, of course. The industries of these companies have ranged from high tech to low tech, light industry, retail, forestry and agricultural, education, medical/pharmaceutical, solar and other renewable energy, and oil & gas. Many of these companies have achieved a listing on either the NASDAQ or the AMEX; and one of those companies was acquired by Google for $120,000,000.

John brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts to the reverse merger and post-reverse merger process. For additional information about reverse merging, contact us. Whether your company is privately-owned and looking to become publicly traded via a reverse merger, or your public company is looking for a good-quality private company with which to reverse merge, all information that you send us is strictly confidential; and no fees are charged unless you agree to engage OCG to take your company public.

OCG also has expertise in:

  1. getting publicly-traded US companies listed for trading on foreign stock exchanges, and
  2. getting non-US companies listed for trading in the US—OTCBB, NASDAQ and the NYSE. If your publicly-held company is looking for more exposure in the investment community, contact OCG and we will help you get the attention that a public company needs, and deserves. If you are interested, OCG carefully preserves the same confidentiality described above, regarding reverse merger transactions; and there are no fees charged unless you retain OCG.

OCG is pleased to send you information describing reverse mergers and listings. If you are interested, contact us.

Capital Raises

Olympic Capital Group, Inc. regularly assists its clients in raising capital, both debt and equity, for qualified privately-owned or publicly-traded companies, whether listed in the U.S. or on foreign exchanges. We provide expert advice with innovative financing solutions, and the ability to close the deal.

OCG has ongoing relationships with its representatives around the world, who not only provide us with excellent deal flow, but who also understand the nuances of their respective countries. They are therefore able to provide us with a unique edge when it comes to executing an investment banking transaction.

John Lowy is a Series 79 FINRA-licensed Investment Banker, which enables OCG’s clients to raise capital—both debt and equity—quickly and efficiently. All fees are agreed upon prior to OCG undertaking a capital-raising assignment. We are sector-agnostic and look at opportunities worldwide, on their merits. Our sweet spot for raising debt and/or equity capital is from $5M-$150M; however, for selected opportunities we will find the capital for smaller or larger transactions.

For qualified clients, OCG invests its own capital, and co-invests with other investors. Regarding our own investments, we are sector-agnostic, as we are with clients that look to reverse merge, or list on an Exchange, or raise capital

We continue to work with our clients to help them raise the capital they need to grow their businesses, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your capital needs with you.

Convertible Debt Financing

OCG works closely with a UK-based Merchant/Investment Bank, to provide convertible debt financing to companies, both public and private, and located in Emerging Markets Countries, and elsewhere, including the United States.

The principals of our UK Merchant/Investment have successfully completed more than $20B of convertible debt financing transactions, and are always looking for more good product. Companies with strong balance sheets justifying a $30M-$300M capital raise, and which are underserved by banks (a common experience), are excellent candidates.

For companies which qualify for the convertible debt financing, the indicative timeline from initial engagement to closing is typically no more than 6-8 weeks.

Real Estate Finance

OCG has outstanding real estate financing sources for hospitality, commercial and multi-family housing, both construction and resales, for projects up to $1,000,000,000. As a licensed real estate broker, OCG's CEO John Lowy works with the top internationally known real estate financing companies. Our sources provide debt financing and equity capital or a combination of both, depending upon the desired structure of the transaction, and we provide such financing for qualified real estate transactions in the United States and elsewhere.

Renewable Energy Financing

The Olympic Capital Group, Inc. team is at the forefront of the need for renewable energy; we have secured the financing for more than 100 MW of solar energy projects located in many countries.